North Phoenix Shared Commercial Kitchen

“We’re Not Just for Food Trucks!”

“Everything Required by Maricopa County, Plus Wholesale Foods, Kitchen Supplies, Kitchen Equipment Repair, and Truck & Trailer Repair.

21442 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027

Our North Phoenix Food Truck Commissary Offers the Following:

  • Meets All Maricopa County Requirements for Food Truck Commissaries
  • We Offer the Cleanest Facilities (& The Only Phoenix Food Truck Commissary to Pass Tough Corporate Franchising Requirements)
  • Food Truck Repair & Maintenance. We have mechanics on staff available for everything from tune-ups to extensive mechanical repairs.
  • Restaurant Equipment Repair. 24/7/365 restaurant equipment repair.
  • Hookups & Dump Stations. Electrical hookups, water, gas, propane & gray water dumping stations.
  • Cooking Lines & Food Storage. State of the art cooking facilities as well as cold, frozen & dry food storage.
  • Fire Suprression Services. Installation, Inspections & repair.
  • Truck Parking With Electrical Hookups.
  • Secure Storage Facilities. Gated & locked storage facilities with live-feed security monitoring.

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Maricopa County Commissary Food Truck Definitions and Requirements

As defined by Maricopa County:

“a commissary is a base of operations for all mobile food establishments. All vehicles are required to operate from an approved commissary and report daily for all supplies, cleaning and servicing operations.”

Commissaries are required to be constructed and operated in compliance with the requirements of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code.

Depending on the needs of your vehicle, a commissary may have different services available. In general, commissaries are used to carry out the following services:

● Freshwater supply ● Gray water disposal ● Ware washing facilities ● Food preparation ● Garbage disposal ● Food Storage ● Chemical storage ●Facilities for cleaning and storage of vending machines

Our North Phoenix Commissary meets all Maricopa County Requirements & More.

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